Clinic Policies


We encourage our patients to limit their walk-in visits with doctors to one or two issues to keep our wait times short. Follow up visits can be scheduled as regular family doctor visits for more complex medical issues or non-urgent matters.

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Test Reports

We only discuss patient test results including consult reports in person due to patient confidentiality. Our North West located office will contact you to make an appointment discuss your test results with your family doctor.

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Updating Personal Information with a Family Doctor

We expect our patients to notify us as soon as possible to any changes to their phone numbers, address or to their Emergency number to make sure we are able to contact you for your health-related issues. Our friendly receptionists will request about your information or any changes to that to ensure all of it is kept up to date with the Country Hills located clinic at every visit.

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Consultations over the phone

Patient privacy and fairness are very important to us. We do not do consultations over the phone. To discuss any medical matters, please book an appointment with us as family doctor visit or come as a walk in and our doctors will be happy to accommodate you.

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We abide by the code of patient confidentiality and do not disclose any information to anybody other than the patient. We must have a written witnessed Consent Form from the patient stating that information can be disclosed or discussed with the specified individual in the consent letter. The form will be valid for that one time but kept on file for future reference, unless otherwise stated by the patient.

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Prescription Refills

Our doctors are always accepting walk-in patients and we encourage our patients to come as a walk-In or book an appointment for prescription renewals a week or two prior to running out of their medications. Maximum prescription length is 100 days unless you have longer travel plans. We do not prescribe Narcotics and controlled medication, to non-clinic walk in patients. Such prescriptions cannot be written for longer than few weeks. We also do not refill prescriptions that are faxed to us by a pharmacy. There will be a charge of fifty dollars to the patient to fill any such prescription renewal requests from the pharmacy as they are not covered by Alberta Health Care. We will try our best to accommodate you to see our doctors even on short notice for refills.

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Uninsured Services

Many services we provide to our walk-in and family doctor patients are not covered by Alberta Health Care. These services include but are not limited to completion of insurance forms, driver’s medical, Employment related fitness forms, sick notes and many letters. Patients are directly responsible for the cost of such uninsured services.