Services Offered

Front of Affinity Medical Clinic

Regular Booked and Walk-in Visits for all age groups

We provide health services to all age groups from newborns to the elderly. Affinity Medical provides regular booked appointments and accommodates walk-ins. Whether we’re your family doctor or you’re new to the city, we are dedicated to provide you the care you can trust.

Complete Physical Exams/Well Child Exam

Your yearly physical checkup plays a big part in your life. Having an annual physical allows our us to make sure you are staying healthy. We also do age appropriate screening tests which are vital in catching diseases early on. Child wellness exams are equally important, especially in the first few years to ensure proper growth and age appropriate milestones.

Women’s Health Issues

Affinity Medical Clinic offers multiple services to our female patients, including Birth control counselling, pregnancy related and post-natal care (During and after pregnancy care). PAP tests allow for physicians to screen for cervical cancer, and STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) checkups for you and your partner ensure that you stay healthy.

IUD Clinic

IUD’s (Intrauterine Devices) are one of the most effective methods of birth control. Affinity Medical Clinic provides women with IUD insertion, removal, and endometrial biopsies services.

Minor Surgical Procedures

Not all surgeries require going to a hospital, emergency room or a referral to the Specialist. Our physicians can provide minor surgeries in the clinic, including suturing of cuts, skin biopsies, removal of Ingrown toe nails, lumps and bumps excision, and joint injections among others.

Pre and Post Natal Care

Proper pre-and post-natal care are an important part of pregnancy. We ensure healthy pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and post-delivery care for both mom and baby.

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Disease and Mental Health Issues can affect anyone at any time. We have a team of Health Professionals including Physicians, dieticians and a Psychologist on site to provide patients with the knowledge to properly manage their chronic illness and live a healthier life.

Elderly Care

As we get older, our bodies need more attention and care in order to continue living comfortably. We can provide the elderly the health services that they require.

WCB Related Services

Getting injured at work can greatly affect someone’s life. To ensure a quick a recovery we provide paper work and WCB related services to our patients.

Insurance/Employment Related Medical Exams

Does your Insurance or employer require you to complete a medical exam or a form? We are able to provide you with the exam and necessary documentation you require.

Drivers Medical Exam

Is driving part of your work life? Most likely you’ll be required to get a driver’s medical exam to get hired or to maintain your license. Call us today to make your appointment.

Flu Shots, Adult Vaccinations and Travel Vaccinations

Both adult and travel vaccinations help prevent numerous unwanted illnesses. We recommend and provide annual flu shots to individuals 9 years and older. Please consult one of our physicians if you or your loved ones are planning to travel anywhere outside Canada for your immunization/travel needs.

Teaching Residents

Teaching the next generation is a big part of who we are. Dr. Sahni is affiliated with University of Calgary Family Medicine Residency Program. He takes Family Medicine Residents as part of their clinical training in this clinic